1. What Are The Forum Rules?

There are just three simple rules that all members are required to adhere to while using this Forum:
1) Please treat other members with respect at all times.
2) Please do not post anything offensive or explicit.
3) Please do not post advertisements or off-topic material. Anyone that does so will be subject to permanent banning.

2. What Should I Do Before Creating a New Thread?

1) Always perform a search to see if your question has already been answered. (Click here to learn how to perform a search.)
2) Always conduct the following troubleshooting steps:
a. Allow sufficient time for the keg to acclimate before tapping.
b. Double-check to ensure your thermometer is calibrated properly.
c. Get an accurate reading of the actual keg beer temperature by testing second dispense in same glass.
d. Verify the carbonation volume level of your beer.
e. Perform a leak test before fine tuning your pressure. (Click here to learn about performing a leak test.)
3) Always check the following resources to see if you can find an answer:
a. Beer Articles & Learning Center
b. Frequently Asked Beer Dispense Questions
c. Scott "The Draft Master" Zuhse's Beer Dispense Blog
d. Brewers Association - Draft Beer Quality Manual

Further information can be found here... http://www.micromatic.com/forum/us-e...s_topics_posts