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Building a jockeybox!

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  • Building a jockeybox!


    I am planning on building a jockey box and there are a few questions I have that I can't find the answer to. I appreciate any help I can get here.

    The plan for the jockey box is: (to be used for high volume event)
    4 taps, European style with flow control knob
    Faucet shank assembly with 1/4 bore (ID)
    120ft coils
    304 SS Ice box assembly with 3/8 bore (ID)
    3/8 jumper lines from keg (keykeg) to box

    1. The 120ft coils that MM sells is 100ft 3/8 ID and 20ft 1/4 ID chokes, if I were to make my own coils is this system necessary or can I do 120ft 3/8 ID SS coils connecting right into the faucet shank assembly (1/4 ID)?

    Thanks for all help!

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    Need to have the 1/4 choker for resistance to slow down the beer before it hits the faucet
    Colin Harrison
    Dbi Beverage Chico


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      What spdbump said! Remember, jockey boxes run at 30 - 35 psig, so coils without the 1/4 id line would simply be a fire hydrant.


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        I'm getting motivated by reading that post. Jockey box is my concern.