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Power Pack - Evaporator Rating vs Heat Rejection (Maximum)

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  • Power Pack - Evaporator Rating vs Heat Rejection (Maximum)

    I am trying to figure out what BTU number I need to match up on an old multiplex power pack. I am being given two different BTU numbers and when looking at getting a new power pack I want to make sure I am matching up the correct BTU's for a new MM power pack. I can always go with the higher number to be safe, but the difference in cost is quite a lot. I would also like to know for future conversations. Perlick also shows these numbers on their spec sheets.

    Evaporator Rating (20* F / 6.5* C) 5150 BTUH
    Heat Rejection (Maximum) 8638 BTUH

    Would I be looking at the 4303 or the 4307 to match this correctly?