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    I am assembling a Randall 3.0( parts list includes a Micro-matic faucet adapter CK-035 which evidently does not exist on Micro-matic's web site.The part must thread into the 7/8-14 bushing and allow connection to a beer line. Anyone have any suggestions to an alternative part.For anyone interested I am including a You-tube video of the Randall in use. Dogfish Head Randall The Enamel Animal v3.0 @ The Red Hot - YouTube. Thanks in advance for any help...Cash

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    It looks like it's just a 5' version of this guy: Beer Cleaner Faucet Cleaning Jumper Hose Assembly

    and I think this is the fitting: Beer Cleaner Faucet Cleaning Attachment - 2 of those, some clamps and a section of beer line would make what they are describing.

    I have been wanting a Randall for a while - I didn't know they published a list of parts, please let me know how this goes and if the cost is much cheaper than purchasing one from DFH.

    Well after checking for the current price, it seems they aren't selling these anymore? I think they were originally billed at $350, but that was right at release a couple years ago.


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      I'll let you know about the price/cost as soon as I get everything in hand.It will be less than 350 but the cost of parts is eye-wakening.One part ,the Pvc bushing is made in a machine shop in Delaware by hand to get te proper threading.It seems they make all these for one of Sam's engineers who conceived the Randall idea.I'll checkout the part you suggested.Thanks