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Two keg (1/6) regulator set up

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  • Two keg (1/6) regulator set up

    I'm looking to add a keg to my Kegerator and need to understand the setup as it relates to the regulators. Do I utize existing primary and remove high pressure gauge and add air line to attach to secondary then replace high pressure gauge on the secondary? Or do I need a primary and 2 secondaries?

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    Welcome, I assume you have a standard size kegerator and not a commercial application (if so get a manifold).
    Before I get into specifics, you need to understand anything the goes to the high pressure gauge will be, well, high pressure, if you go from that end or tank end you will need another regulator, possible from gauge end but really not recommended.
    So really not sure what you want to do, I understand you want to add a keg, but it depends on v/v of the keg that you are adding, if it has a way different v/v then this is what you need:
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    If you are adding a home brew or a beer with similar v/v as the one you already you have then a "T" and more gas hose is all you need, this:
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    Please let members know what happens next, if you need more help figuring this out, please post back with questions, thanks.
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