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Messed up my brand new thermostat! I think.

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  • Messed up my brand new thermostat! I think.

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum. I have just acquired a Superior (Bev Air) BM23. It's really old, stopped cooling and is in bad shape. My dad gave it to me for free so I figured it's worth putting some cash into it.

    On that note. I have ordered a new compressor fan (current one doesn't work), all new tubing and a new faucet. I also ordered a thermostat, although I'm not sure the old one is bad. Well, the first part to come in was the thermostat. I just went to replace it and when I attempted to stick the thermostat tube into the tube under the assembly. I didn't want to go into the tube. I noticed the new thermostat had a sort of ball on the end and figured that's why it was getting stuck. The old one came to a point. So like a jack *** I just cut off the tip of the new one. I heard a hiss like air or gas was escaping. I suppose that is a bad thing and I just ruined the new one.

    Am I right to assume I screwed up the new thermostat?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Sorry. It is hosed.
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      Crap! Thanks.