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GAS BLENDER needed for 30 feet installation?

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  • GAS BLENDER needed for 30 feet installation?

    Good evening everyone! One client is going to install only 2 beers on tap on his pub . The cooling area is 30 feet distance of the tower. should I install a gas blender for this distance? If yes, can I use a beer pump instead?
    Thanks in advance

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    Use mixed gas or beer pumps, not both. If you use 3/8 trunkline, with 30' run, you're only adding 1.8# of restriction.

    Depending on the setup you might be able to run 100% CO2, but advisable to add restriction and run beer pump or mixed gas

    Tower = 8.5#
    Trunkline = 1.8#
    Rise in elevation (~4' if tower and kegs on on the same floor) = 2#
    jumper lines and other parts in cooler = 2#
    System Total = 14.3#

    If you use mixed gas or beer pumps, change the trunkline to 1/4 (9# @ 30') and save some liquid/foot and your resistance would already be about 24#


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      Thanks so much for the information! and my apologies for the late LATE response....
      we finally made the installation with beer pumps and is working OK enough, sometimes we get foam issues but nothing crazy bad...
      have some news, finally we gonna open our taproom, after a lot of effort, we gonna make it happen! I'm thinking about the draft installation, we gonna have a walk-in cooler in the 1st floor and the taps (about 14 taps!) in the ground floor. the distance between the wak-in and the taps will be around 5 mt/ 18 feet (taps about 1 meter heigth, 1st floor at 3.8 mt). is my plan to use 1/4 trunkline, connecting the lines straight to the tap (we gonna build the tower by ourselves). I need advises about if is necessary to use a gas blender or not... I thought that it was, but I have people saying that is not required for this distance.
      please give me a hand !
      regards and thanks in advance