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Evaporator Fan Stopped Working Micro Matic

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  • Evaporator Fan Stopped Working Micro Matic

    I'm cross posting this with home bar as it is a commercial model but I am using it at home

    I just acquired a used Micro Matic Pro Line Wine Dual Temp Kegerator Model MDD23W today. My problem is my red wine evaporator fan stopped spinning so I did some testing to find the problem. Everything else seems to be in working order. What I know is as follows:
    -The previous owner told me that the fan sounded like it was hitting its own wiring before it stopped working entirely
    -Fan from white wine side works
    -Fan from red wine side not working
    -When swapping the fans neither works so I know red wine fan is bad but also that something is wrong in the wiring only on that side
    -The section of wiring leading to the T plugs on both sides are working therefore it must be something after the T plug on red side

    Does anyone have a recommendation on what I should check next? I feel comfortable with replacing wires but before I do so I'd like it if someone with more experience with these machines gave me some guidance as this is my first machine. I've also included the wiring diagram and a picture of the section I'm talking about from my maching. Thanks for the reading and even more if we can get to the bottom of this.
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