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Cold brew line cleaning chemical

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  • Cold brew line cleaning chemical

    I clean a few kegerator systems that have cold brew lines as well as beer, kombucha, and tea. So far I've been using Urnex Clearly Cold on the coffee lines, then cleaning the others with MM Alkaline Line Cleaner. Does anyone else clean cold brew lines? Does the Alkaline Beer Line cleaner work just as well?

    I'd like to (A) save costs on chemical and shipping, and (B) save time. Is there a reason to use two different chemicals?

    I appreciate any insights!

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    I reached out to a few experts and they said that the Micro Matic Beer Line Cleaner is generally more effective than cold brew line cleaning chemicals. Usually the coffee lines are cleaned at the same time as beer lines and with the same chemical. Cold brew line cleaner is typically for “cold brew only” systems. They also said that the quarterly acid cleaning is just as important for removing mineral deposits in the coffee lines as it is in the beer lines.