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Long Draw System Foam Issues

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  • Long Draw System Foam Issues

    Hey, was wondering if anyone with more experience could help me out with this issue I am having.

    So I am the manager at a large volume beer taproom, we have 88 lines and three floors of taps. We have a very long draw system; line length is about 50' to the top floor and the faucet height is 40' straight up from the keg cooler. We are running 3/8 ID lines for the beer. Pressure is set at about 28-30 PSI; also, we have FOBs on every tap to reduce wasting when a keg does kick. Lastly, we have 3 different glycol units that keep the lines cool, all units are set at 28-30 Degrees except for the shank glycol unit which is set to 32 degrees (that's the unit that runs across the back of the faucets). Cooler is set at 32 degrees and is pretty constant at about 33 degrees.

    Foam! I have really dialed in the bottom floor and the foam has gotten a lot better on that level. Second and third level are still having issues though, especially the top floor. The first 3-4oz of beer is just foam and then after that it levels out (sometimes there is a pocket of foam in the lines after that though). If the tap is being used consistently then the foaming issue subsides; however, if the tap sits for about 30 min then the foam becomes an issue again. I mean it was showing signs of typical over carbonation with the foam coming out the way it was. I adjusted the pressures and it still hasn't gotten much better. The PSI formula I was using was (Length of Beer Line in Feet x Line Resistance) + (Gravity x .5) = PSI. I did read some forums about how the FOBs can make it so the pressure needs to be different going into the system since the FOB is adding resistance. I was unable to find a formula for this though.

    My apologies on starting a new forum on this, I have seen some forums on long draw foam issue but I could not find anything on a system like the one I am working with.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you,


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    THE ICEMAN is who you need on this issue…..
    What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines