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Always foamy at first when swapping kegs on FOB system

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  • Always foamy at first when swapping kegs on FOB system

    I have a mixed gas long draw system with FOBs that pours great most of the time. When a keg blows the FOB does its job and we swap kegs. We reset the FOB and then we notice the pours are a combination of bright beer coming out and then foam. We have found that as soon as the beer goes from bright to foam if we close the tap and then start again we will get progressively more bright before foam and then repeat closing the tap until the system goes back to just pouring bright beer. We are getting busier and busier at this location and that start/stop thing until flowing great can hinder service. What data and steps do you all recommend to alleviate this problem at keg swap?

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    I would first ensure you are following the correct procedure when having the keg changed. Also ensure your lines/fobs are clean from debris and the float in that fob doesn't have a building allowing air to get through.