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Can someone identify the year of this non functioning BM23?

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  • Can someone identify the year of this non functioning BM23?

    This unit was given to me off CL. Original price was 125 obo, but when it failed to cool, it then became a gift. It included 2 5# tanks and an extra tower. It appears the compressor is not running. Both the evap and condenser fans are running. I attempted to jump out the thermostat and the compressor still will not start. Does anyone know if the relay or thermoswitch can be tested? I would prefer to not call out a service guy until I determine the compressor has to be replaced. Any ideas guys? Thx in advance.
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    Ok guys, so I tore down the back of this unit. The thermal overload switch has continuity and I performed an ohms test on the compressor and checked if it was shorted... all good so far. The relay though seems bad. The relay when shaken sounds like something inside is cracked, assuming the magnet? I energized it and it does not make circuit.


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      Update, I bought a 3n1 hard start and plugged the compressor up on this without anything else to see if the compressor would start. I am not sure how loud these things actually are but the right side got a little warm and the left side did not get cold. Can someone knowledgeable post a reply. I would really like to get this running without breaking my wallet.


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        If you can get in touch with (iceman) he has the most knowledge in these matters. But yes commercial units are noise as a rule. How long did you run the hard start? One cycle can last up to a 1/2 hour, I'd put a thermometer inside and run it that long then see if there's any cooling drop. You would need to monitor the compressor the whole 1/2 hour if it gets hot enough you can't hold your hand on it for 5 seconds shut it down right away. From what little you report it doesn't look good. Maybe a fairly cheap fix of recharging coolant, maybe a new compressor is needed, not so cheap but if unit was free then even a new bought compressor is a good deal you'll still come in under most prices for an entry level unit.

        If you were asking if the hard start worked and wondered if the compressor is running and what that means. Yes if there was a change in line temp either way it's running. Also if you place your hand on the compressor when you plug it in you'll feel a jump or vibration. Most likely since the compressor isn't locked up you have low coolant or a restriction in the line. Likely you just need a recharge and hopefully there isn't that big of leak. You have to figure out what type coolant this unit takes.
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          This evening I had some time to work on this unit. I ran the unit with the hard start for over a half an hour. I monitored the temperature of the compressor, it barely got warm. Again one side got a little warm and the other side felt a little cool. I used a clamp on amp meter and saw the start up amps jump and then come back down to 3.5 amps for the run cycle. The compressor appears to run just fine, the unit is just not cooling. I see no indication of any leaking, such as an oily lines or puddles anywhere. Is it possible I may have a plugged line as this thing could have been in storage for 10 years for all I know? How does a service company tell where such an issue would be located?


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            The likelihood is that the unit has a slow leak. It's not uncommon to not see signs of a leak most people don't if it's a slow leak. Some people recharge their unit without trying to find/fix the leak and it will work fine for a year or 2 maybe more if the leak is small enough. The Tech hooks up a pressure gauge to see if it needs recharging. Is there a recharge nipple already on the coolant line?


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              no the unit looks stock from the factory. there are no Schrader valves anywhere. Also, I did kind of hear some gurgling when I initially turned the unit on.
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                From all the info you have posted so far I would agree with pvs6 in that you more than likely have a low refrigerant situation. The compressor is definitely working given the amp draw you were seeing. If there is a leak it is probably in the evaporator coil area.
                The other possibility is a restriction in the system. Put your hand on the filter/drier after you have let the unit run for about five minutes or so. It should be warm. Also feel the capillary tube coming out of the drier, it should feel warm as well. If either are cold or frosting then you possibly have a clogged drier or cap tube. In either case you need to get a hold of a service company that works on those types of systems, not just an A/C guy, to leak check the system for a leak or restriction.
                Regarding the age of your unit, check out this thread to try & decipher how old your unit is...

                EDIT: If by some chance you are located in the Phx area let me know & the company I work for can help you out.

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