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Can I use my 2010 True TDD-4-S on a shaded backyard patio?

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  • Can I use my 2010 True TDD-4-S on a shaded backyard patio?

    I scored a 2010 TRUE TDD-4-S in great shape and was planning on using it in the backyard. I live in Southern California and it can get pretty warm occasionally.. high 90

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    Welcome to the forum...

    As long as it stays out of the direct sun you should be alright. It may struggle a bit on the hotter days but if you keep the condenser coils clean there shouldn't be much of a problem.

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      So I got everything up and running. Works great. Got a new co2 regulator and the tank filed and went and got a 5 gal keg of lagunitas. Let it settle about 4 hours then tapped the keg after setting the psi to 10 and checking for leaks with soapy water.

      First pour was foamy with the psi set to 10 so I waited a bit and tried a second pour that came out great. The next morning I went to check and the beer line was frozen so I thawed them and turned up the temp in the fridge. Later I tested another pour and came out great again.

      Tested another pour several hours later and psi reads 10 on the regulator on my tank and the second psi valve inside the fridge reads the same but no beer coming out... the lines dont look frozen.

      any ideas what