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What is the strongest combination for Honkai Star Rail?

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  • What is the strongest combination for Honkai Star Rail?

    Honkai Star Rail is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game. Players will board the star train, travel the universe with their partners, and rescue the star core crisis. In the game, everyone will encounter rich and unique characters. Many players want to Now that you know which characters are worth cultivating, let me tell you a set of the strongest task combinations.

    This set of plastic surgery consists of the strongest output Jing Yuan, the strongest support Bu Luo Ni YA and the powerful support Ting Yun.

    Jing Yuan is the strongest output character in the three tests, capable of group attack and single output, and has multiple skills to break shields. The only problem with Jing Yuan is that the stand-in "Shenjun" is an independent unit and cannot enjoy the buff effect of character damage. However, due to its strong stats and the strongest light cone in the intelligence system, it is a must-draw output character when opening the server.

    Bu Luo Ni YA, the strongest support character, with skills that can help teammates to move again, and can also superimpose team damage and burst damage buff effects for teammates.

    Ting Yun, a strong support character; when supporting Jing Yuan, he is even better than Bu Luo Ni YA. Skills can add high attack power to single-target attacks, and big moves can restore energy for teammates and superimpose high damage-increasing buffs. Ting Yun also has a high movement speed, which is very useful in actual combat.

    Knowing that lineup matching is only the first step, you still need to draw these characters in the game before you can use them, you must have enough Stellar Jade to draw cards, but sometimes if you are unlucky, even if you spend A large number of Stellar Jade may also not be able to draw the desired character. At this time, you can buy cheap HSR Accounts, and get the account that has drawn the character you want at IGGM, which is the best place to buy Honkai Star Rail Accounts​.

    If you think your luck is good enough, you can buy an account with a large number of Stellar Jade on IGGM and experience the joy of drawing cards by yourself.

    Hope this helps you. Have a great time on Honkai Star Rail.​