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    First of all, that is the evaporator. Next, about all you can do short of replacing the pan is try to seal it from the inside. Those pans are galvanized sheet metal & over time water will get to them. You would need to pull the pan loose, dry it completely, clean off the loose rust as much as possible (bare metal is best) & seal it with some type of sealer. Go to Home Depot or similar & pick up a small can or tube of waterproof sealer. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the stuff I last used but it came in a caulking tube, was white & was about the same as tooth paste. (I know thats not much help) Just make sure you get all the inside of the pan covered with no gaps or else you will end up with the same problem down the road.

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      ICEMAN, thanks for the reply. That sounds like something I can accomplish myself I'll have a look in there and report back with my findings.

      So far I have been thoroughly pleased with my purchase though!