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Yet another Danby Dilemma

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    Just a quick update. Had another freezing issue, so i went back in and disconnected the keypad for good. Manually set the temp to 36 and put it back together. Been holding fine now for almost a week with the keypad unplugged. So... i reckon something with the keypad was messing with it. I have a new control board and display board i got off ebay for 40$, but I'm not gonna install them until it acts up again. I finally got Danby to answer their phone, and they are sending me a new keypad. With the resistor mod, a liquid temp at the top of the keg is hangin between 35 and 37. Now just need to add a fan and some tower cooling and I think it will be set. Just gotta convince the wife I need to spend more money on it. LOL. Thanks to all of you for all your input and advice.