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Add'l gas line into TDD-4

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  • Add'l gas line into TDD-4

    Hi! This is my first posted question, so please bear with me. I've just acquired a TDD-4 behemoth in great shape and have a quandary about running an additional Co2 line into the unit. It's got 3 2-tap towers and I would like to potentially run Guinness/a stout from one of them; thus the need for the separate, unique line. There's not a lot of room given the entry hole made by the manufacturer, and the current line feeds all six current couplers with a gas distributor mounted inside the unit. I'd like to add a bank of secondary couplers in place of the distribution feeder (so as to run 4 diff. beers and a root beer for the kids), but the separate line/beergas tank for stouts is my current focus. Any thoughts?

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    Since you'll need a seperate beer gas tank and regulator, you might have room to just keep them inside the unit.
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      If you decide to drill an extra hole for the new line it should not be much of a problem. The only areas to stay away from are near the evaporator coil & the back corner where the compressor is located. You don't want to be pokin' holes in any refrigerant lines.

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