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Need a fridge recommendation for Guinness...

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  • Need a fridge recommendation for Guinness...

    Foremost, thank you for your time. I have researched throughout this forum and a couple of others for information regarding kegerators and stout beers. However due to living alone where space is at a premium, I am pretty much required to serve my Guinness from a mini-fridge.

    Do you have any recommendations for a mini-fridge or small upright freezer that can house a half keg with U coupler, 5lb tank, blower, and tower on top?

    Its not too hard to find something that can hold a half keg but once the extra height from a U coupler is added everything goes out the window. Unfortunately/fortunately the only purpose of this kegerator is to serve delicious Guinness so those aren't an option. Luckily I am comfortable doing whatever conversion or hacking is required. I have access to thermal imagery so freon lines are not an issue at all.

    A model number you currently or have used would be awesome - I am currently overseas and am unable to use cutout to test. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers!

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    Search the forum, but I've read where people have added a "collar" made form 2x4s to raise the top on a freezer.
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      idk about a 1/2 barrel in a mini fridge... you would have to buy one specially made for it. but i am doing a conversion right now with a mini fridge with a freezer plate on top. i am putting a ponny keg inside. i had to make a collar between the door and the fridge. i will post pictures when i get home. to show you how i did it.


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        i just put the collar on and put some sealant on to keep the cold air in.
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          also for Guinness, you'll need 2 tanks to make it genuine. one for co2 and one for nitrogen
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