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    id take a dreaded cherry wheat over a shinerbock any day of the week. cant stand that stuff.


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      Originally posted by THE ICEMAN View Post
      A Lambic is an acquired taste. It is obvious that a number of you don't wish to acquire it.

      Anyway, I'd like to say, to paraphrase Will Rogers, "I've never met a beer I didn't like". Unfortunately that is not the case. I've never met a hefeweizen I liked. How do people choke that stuff down?
      And I once had a microbrew that was billed as a "Jalepeno Ale". Certain things were not meant to be infused into beer. Jalepenos being one of them.

      I had a Belgium Kriek Lambic while in France. It was great, but I feel that you have to drink a lambic at a room temperature to fully enjoy it. Just my .02


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        bad one's

        Young's double chocolate stout, Moose Drool, Elephant, Turbodog just to name a few. My cousin and I decided to try every beer possible in one year some years ago. We had around 360 different brews and most weren't too bad. We would use the domestic lite beers such as bud or miller lite as a reference point or "0", and judge the beers according to that standard. We found roughly 70 different brews in local groceries, and had to venture on to many different liqcour stores and so on. As I recall, most all beers from Louisianna were BAD. Dixie was pretty bad, some french quarter beer with foil on the top was bad, and everything from Russia was not appealing. I did fall in love with Becks Octoberfest, and purchased 12 cases of the stuff as the local Naval Exchange had them for about 6 bucks a piece. Good stuff.