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**HELP** BM23 Fan Catching!

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  • **HELP** BM23 Fan Catching!

    I've just had the back off my BM23 and when I plugged it in, the fan started catching the heat sink

    A = Fan that catching
    B = Dent caused by fan catching

    Have I screwed this thing up?



    BM23 Fan catching..jpg

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    ??-So are you running it with the back off? Looks like the brass high pressure lines could be pulling the condenser close to the fan with the back off?? As long as you didn't put a hole in the condenser(and all the refrigerant leaked out) you should be fine. Just do whatever you have to do to make sure the fan isn't hitting anything.


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      Check the pitch of the fan blades as well. Make sure a blade didn't get bent.


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        Its not a big deal. The blades can easily be bent back to shape. Inspect the blade to make sure there are no cracks and, as Modman alluded, make sure the pitch of all the blades is the same while still clearing the condenser coil. If you do not get the blades uniform you can run into vibration problems & eventually a cracked blade.

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          Put the back on and it seems that doing so pulls the condenser coil back into place.
          Everything seems to be ok

          Thanks everyone