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    I have read through most of this Forums Threads on Foam etc.

    I have calibrated my liquid themometer, have the temperature at 38 degees on the nose, have the C02 set for 12lbs. I can see smal C02 bubbles crawling up the beer line. I completely bled the Keg and re-charged. Cleaned the beer line, Tap and coupler yesterday.

    When I draw a beer, I get a small amount of foam, then the beer pours fairly well. If I wait 10 mins, deja Vu. I get a spit, then beer. I admit the keg is just about empty and will replace with a new 1/2 this Friday. This is a 1/2 of Flying Fish XPA.

    I dont mind wasting a bit of beer, but at $132.00 a 1/2, I would prefer to get it right.

    Am I supposed to see tiny carbonation bubbles riding up the beer line? Do I need to cool the Tower? Do I need to drink cheaper beer?

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    Originally posted by Hannibal View Post
    Do I need to cool the Tower? Do I need to drink cheaper beer?
    Yes you should cool the tower. The cheaper beer is your call. I keep a keg of the beast in my kegerator and just buy better beer by the six or twelve pack.
    Malt is the soul of beer... and yeast gives it life..
    but the kiss of the hop is the vitality of that life!

    My three favorite beers: The one I just had, the one I'm drinking now and the next one I'll have.



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      Cool the tower and bump up the pressure to 13 - 14 psig.

      Good, properly pouring draft beer is always cheap beer (compared to six pack).