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  • Brewers Edge Temperature Controller

    I've decided to start upgrading my 6 year old Dandy Chill n Tap. The regulator went bad so while replacing that I decided to invest in the temperature controller.

    Now my question.............
    I installed the controller last night and set the on temperature to 37 and the off temp to 35. I have a glass filled with water. Using the submersible probe that should give me the liquid temperature.
    I've also had a Radio Shack digital thermometer in there for years which typically showed an ambient temp of approx 40. This is where it gets interesting.

    This morning the controller shows a liquid temperature of 37, and the portable thermometer shows an ambient temp of 48!!! I've located the glass on the floor of the kegerator right next to my 1/6 barrel of Sam Summer.

    How can that be? I would have assumed the ambient temp would have been around 30-32.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Where is the RS temp probe located at? You can have a 6deg or more split between the top and bottom of the kegerator but 11 seems kind of high. You may want to ice bath both probes and make sure they read 32deg.


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      The probe is located within a pint glass on the floor of the kegerator. The probe is at the bottom of the glass.

      Maybe I should try to locate the glass higher inside the refrigerator.


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        Where is the Radio Shack digital thermometer and it's temp probe located? Also note that the air inside will warm up faster than the water in the glass. I would take the probe out of the glass


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          I also use the brewers edge controller and started with the probe in a glass of water...But I got better results when i took the probe out and stuck it in one of the slots next to the keg towards the top on the left side looking in. The glass of water did not change temp and the air did.


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            I am confused. If the water did not change temperature, nor would the beer. That is a good thing, right?
            Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute


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              If you wish to check one against the other, take a glass of water filled with ice, stirred vigorously, and test each thermometer. If they are close to being accurate, they will read very close to 32*.

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