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Flat beer and pressure problems

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  • Sammy1759
    see my post titled "no power" because i got good advice from these guys when i over carbonated when the power went out at my house. i didnt do what they said because the keg is almost empty but they said to shake the thing and pull the high pressure relief to let the carbonitation out of the keg then it was to pour good again. what they say makes sense when you think about it.

    good luck on the kegerator!

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  • iuorbust
    started a topic Flat beer and pressure problems

    Flat beer and pressure problems

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance. I just got a new Danby kegerators for my 29th birthday and can't get the thing dialed in right. I made the mods talked about in the forum by using the resistor to lower the temperature in the unit but I'm still haveing problems with the beer coming out tasting flat with no flavor. I had my co2 set between 12-14 psi but for some reason as I poored the beer the pressure seemed to increase on my regulator (it went up to 22 psi before I realized it) I cut back my regulator to release the pressure and am trying to dial in the calibration so it will stay right around 12 to 14 psi. Now when I pour a beer I get the correct amount of foam but its not rich and creamy foam its just bubbly similar to when you pour a soda and as soon as it settles there is no carbonation at all and the beer taste flat. Did I do something to make my keg go flat? Is there anything I can do to save this keg or is it a lost cause?