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at wits end with bm23 any help would be great

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  • at wits end with bm23 any help would be great

    i just recieved my new thermostat for the bm23 and cannot figure out how to put it on. do i take the top off or go at it from the inside where the cooling fan is? i have tried to take off the top but it seems that the box where the fan and temp control are are screwed to the top which makes it impossible to remove. i dont want to start pulling out a bunch of screws and run the risk of breaking anything so can anyone walk me through this installation. thanks

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    There generally is a small access panel that the control is mounted to. If not you should be able to take the bottom evaporator panel (drain pan) loose. They don't always make it easy.

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      Just pulled the thermy on my BM-23, the whole panel comes off with the fan and thermostat, 4 screws, two each side, and the top of the panel is double-sided taped to the top of the fridge.

      Your basically removing the L-shaped aluminum piece 6" tall and 18" wide (roughly)

      I can send you a pic tonite if you pm me your e-mail addy.