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broke the coupler...d'oh!

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  • broke the coupler...d'oh!

    I have a slight problem. I recently set up my refrigerator-converted-into-kegerator, and as I was tapping the keg (connecting the coupler to the keg) I managed to break the coupler handle as I was clamping it down (I think I forgot to pull back the spring handle and as I was pushing it down the yoke handle snapped.

    Anyway, I saw a very small amount of beer flow through the beer line so I know the seal on the keg was compromised. I have the keg in the kegerator so it's cold, and I haven't used a hand pump (which I know would have introduced oxygen into the keg which would spoil it quickly). I basically just removed the coupler and the keg is sitting in the kegerator.

    My question is, if the keg sits refrigerated for a few days (while I wait for my new coupler to arrive), will it go flat or spoil? Virtually no beer has been dispensed. I never got to the part where I hooked up the CO2 tank to the coupler, nor have I have manually forced oxygen into the keg using a party pump. The keg was basically tapped, and then immediately untapped.

    This happened on a Friday night, and I'd hate to lose the entire keg because of a bonehead move... but I don't see myself getting a replacement coupler for a few days (I order a new one immediately).

    Any help is appreciated.

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    It should not be a problem. Given the amount of time that the keg was tapped, generally, it should not affect the quality of the beer.

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      Thanks, Iceman. I couldn't believe after spending last night converting my spare fridge into a kegerator, then spending this afternoon running around to get my CO2 tank filled and getting a fresh keg... I finally get to the final step of hooking everything up and manage to break the coupler handle because I tried forcing it down while unknowingly forgetting to pull back the spring handle.

      Total amateur move.

      I'll definitely be more careful next time.

      At least I'll rest assured knowing my beer should be okay...(although it's only mildly annoying to have a cold keg in the house and not be able to pour beer from it).