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Problems with Kegerator Freezing

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  • Problems with Kegerator Freezing

    Ok, so while I know now that the Keg keeps freezing. My problem is fixing the frig so it stops freezing the beer every night.

    From the start, my main problem is this Kegerator was a mini-Frig that was converted. I have friends that were able to convert frigs & had no problems, but mine seems to be coming from the Freezer shelf which is no longer attached at the top, but hanging down. It can be moved around to fit the keg/CO2 tank, and at first didn't seem to even work as it didn't freeze up or anything. BUT now the whole shelf including the wire coming from the back is total covered in ice. It seems the shelf is what is causing the whole temp in the frig to go below 32 degrees F.

    There doesn't seem to be any control for the Freezer temp. And the control for the frig doesn't affect it either. So what are my options??? I have though about cutting the shelf at where the wire meets the shelf, thus taking the vast majority of the freezing problem out. After which one of two things would happen; 1 - the left over freezer shelf wire would continue to freeze or import cold air to the point the temp continues to be too low OR 2 - after cutting the wire, the freezer wire would no longer work at all having been disconnected from the shelf and allow the regular frig temp to be what is cooling the beer or leave me to find out that the frig itself is not able to cool that low by itself, thus leaving me with a totally broken Kegerator.

    I bought the item on Craigslist, so while I didn't pay all that much for it when compared to others. If I cut the freezer shelf out trying to fix it, it might make it worse, thus now allowing me to resale it. This item may not be working great for the regular guy who wants to keep a keg for a longtime, but it would be great for a frat house or college apt for the weekend parties where they go through kegs very quickly.

    I figure, when the Kegerator was just hooked up from being hot unplugged in the garage, it worked fine the first weekend, & took about 4 days before the freezer shelf got cold enough to affect the temp in the frig, so the Kegerator is good if I am only using it for a weekend party or something where I am not keeping the keg long.

    I don't really want the system for that reason though, so can anyone tell me on here if they know what will happen if I try and cut that freezer shelf out? Either at the area where the wire meets the shelf or I can cut the wire from the back of the frig totally removing the whole thing? Or should I just resale it as is, and go out & get a real kegerator?

    Thanks, any insite from anyone about my experiences will be appreciated!!

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    DO NOT attempt to cut out the freezer section. Those units are a freezer first & a refrigerator second. In other words, the freezer evaporator is what keeps the whole thing cool.

    Check to see where the temperature control is sensing the temperature & see if it can be moved to a colder section of the unit, i.e. near the freezer evaporator. Chances are the sensor was a lot closer to the freezer section before the conversion. It may take a little experimentation to get things right.

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