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BM23 Fan not turning and not getting cold

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  • BM23 Fan not turning and not getting cold

    I plugged in my bm23 that i got used a couple hours ago. It has only gone down a few degrees. I started watching it and it is only going down a degree a cycle.

    I did some reading on here and I believe that the fan inside should be spinning constantly? It isn't moving at all. Is there anything I with little to no electronic knowledge can do or look at?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Uplug the unit, do NOT run it without the fan working, it will cause damage to the refrigeration components - active circulation is required at all times for these units to work properly.

    You can, with the unit unplugged, remove the cover for the fan and try to spin it with your hand, if it moves failry easliy, plug it in and CAREFULLY see if you can hand start it, or if it is even trying to start. If it is stiff or has a lot of play in the shaft, it's toast.

    If it's toast, remove the evaporator cover by removing the screws that hold it on, and remove the fan, get a suitable replacement and re-install. You can order these online, or if you have a refrigeration or commercial supply nearby that allows counter cash sales, you can save a few bucks.

    Good luck.


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      It sounds like the evaporator fan motor has seized up, most likely due to sitting in a high humidity environment while not being used & it rusted up.

      As BrewGuru said the replacement motors are not hard to find & replace. Just make sure you give the supplier the model & serial number.

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        Thank you both for the advice. I really appreciate it. I called and ordered a motor this morning. Should be here early next week. I will let you know how it goes.

        Thanks again!


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          The new fan is spinning away and it is getting cold fast!

          Thanks again so much for all the advice! My liver thanks you too!


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            Glad you had good luck!


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              I just got one of these from a closing company and had the same problem. I opened up the cover and gave it a spin and worked fine and has for about 2 weeks so far.