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The "Beer Carbonation Levels" Thread!

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  • The "Beer Carbonation Levels" Thread!

      This thread is for all discussion regarding the carbonation level of different beers. If you know the carbonation level (volumes of CO2) of a particular beer, feel free to post it here. The goal is to create an extensive listing of known carbonation levels, so please help out your fellow beer enthusiasts and share your findings!

      Whenever possible, please verify carbonation levels with the brewery. This is the only way to be certain that the information is accurate. If you've emailed the brewery to ask for a carbonation level, for instance, please post a copy of their email response.

      When contacting a brewery, it's a good idea to mention that you are only looking for the carbonation levels of their product(s), not pressure recommendations. Often, a brewery representative may recommend pressure settings for a system set up different than your own. Remember: the beer's "volumes per CO2" carbonation measurement is the only thing you'll ever need to determine proper CO2 pressure! The required CO2 pressure may differ depending on keg temperature, altitude, and other factors... so it's best to calculate this yourself based on the beer's carbonation levels.

      Sometimes, breweries will provide their carbonation measurements in "grams per liter" (g/l). This is especially common with importers and European brands. To convert this to volumes of CO2, simply divide by two. For example, if a brewery specifies that their beer has a carbonation content of 5.2g/l, you would divide this in half: 5.2 / 2 = 2.6 volumes of CO2.

      To search this thread for a specific brewery or beer, use the "search thread" drop-down feature found at the top of the page. Results will display every post within this thread that contains your specified search term(s). You can also search a single page of the thread by pressing Cntrl-F and entering the search term. (Not finding anything? Double-check your spelling!)

      This thread is for discussion only; information found here is not guaranteed to be accurate even if someone says it has been verified. Micro Matic does not endorse or guarantee any information regarding beer carbonation levels, nor can they be held responsible for inaccurate info found here.
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    Mark Borland, Micro Matic USA

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    Note: This thread is a continuation of the old "beer carbonation" thread started by chadschloss78 in 2007. In this post I will include most of the crucial info from the old thread (see below)... however you can still view the old thread here.


    So, to get this new listing started off... here are the most useful member contributions and experiences from the previous "beer carbonation" thread:

    Originally posted by brybaker View Post
    I am running a 1/2 barrell of Kentucky Ale Light made in Lexington KY. I emailed the brewery about co2 volumes and they emailed me back stating that "2.7 volumes".
    Originally posted by indianaroller View Post
    co2 chart Maintaining Draft Beer Equilibrium It would be much better to use this chart to find and post the volumes of co2.

    killians Irish Red 2.75
    Bud Light 2.6
    Sierra Nevada (all beers) 2.6 - 2.7
    Originally posted by imnlfn View Post
    There have been several threads concerning [Yeungling Lager], though this one seems especially authoritative:
    Originally posted by SteelersBar View Post
    Here are the specs from the brewery for Magic Hat Circus Boy:

    "The kegs are packaged at 15 psi and at 36 degrees. The volume of co2 for Circus Boy is 2.65."
    Originally posted by eclarkhb View Post
    I received an email from Spaten USA for Spaten Oktoberfest at Sea Level: 44 degrees & 18 PSI

    Here is some more info that has worked well for me at home, your mileage may vary - I got most of this from other threads here at the MM forum:

    My setup: Sea Level. Sanyo Kegerator. Air Cooled Tower. ~5' beer line

    Coors Light (no Z Label): 2.9 - 36deg, 14 PSI
    Miller Light: 2.6 - 38deg, 12 PSI
    Harp: 2.6 - 38deg, 12 PSI
    Smithwicks: 2.7 - 38deg, 13 PSI
    Dos Equis Lager: 2.7 - 38deg, 13 PSI
    Originally posted by SteelersBar View Post
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 2.6 v/v as told to me by a a guy who works in their taproom/brewery..........
    Originally posted by imnlfn View Post
    I sent an email directly to the Sweetwater brewmaster and quickly received this reply:

    "Festive is carbonated lower, about 2.37 v/v. Thanks for supporting our brews, and glad you’re enjoying them."
    Originally posted by cubby_swans View Post
    Bell's Two Hearted Ale.... from the horses mouth:

    "We carbonate our kegs to 2.5 volumes of co2

    Gary S. Nichols
    Quality Assurance & Control
    Bell's Brewery, Inc."
    Originally posted by SteelersBar View Post
    Straight from the brewery, Hop Devil has 2.65 v/v of c02......
    Originally posted by Bill14 View Post
    The Blue Point Brewmaster's reply to my inquiry regarding their Toasted Lager and Summer Ale was

    "Those two beers are kegged at 2.42 vols.
    Originally posted by jfulcher View Post
    Just emailed Atlanta Brewing Company about Red Brick Ale & Red Brick Blonde. Both are 2.6 v/v of co2.

    Just finished a keg of Terrapin Rye Ale and it's also 2.6 v/v of co2.
    Originally posted by californiakulak View Post
    I spoke to the brewer at Fireston Walker and he said that all of their beers are kegged at 2.4.
    Originally posted by SteelersBar View Post
    Most Boulder beers are at 2.45 per the brewmaster..... Yummy Mojo and Hazed and Infused!!
    Originally posted by cubby_swans View Post
    Everything in AB's standard lineup is 2.6 volumes of co2.
    Originally posted by Scott Zuhse View Post
    Fat Tire is a 2.5 v/v beer. Confirmed today by New Belgium owner. If you reside at sea level @ 38F beer temp., apply 12PSIG for home dispensing.
    Originally posted by Nick406 View Post
    Blue Point Hoptical...

    From brewmaster: "Thanks for getting in touch with us. The beer is kegged at 2.42 vols. As far as temperature goes I would recommend around 45 degrees. That lets the hop flavor come out more."
    Originally posted by jpasiczn View Post
    Anchor Steam: 2.6 vol/vol
    Bell's Oberon: 2.7 vol/vol

    OK folks... now it's your turn to pipe up and share your carbonation level findings!
    Mark Borland, Micro Matic USA


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      Hofbrau: 2.5 volumes of CO2

      I'm surprised by how little discussion there is of Hofbrau on this site. After my first visit to Munich 2 years ago, I'm hooked and have never looked back.

      Anyway, I just got my first kegerator (sanyo) from this site for Memorial Day bought a keg of Hofbrau as it's first. After a few snags (ordered wrong coupler "A", rather than "S" as no sites list the proper coupler for Hofbrau), I got the beer going and it was deliscious! I used the formula at and the beer came out great. better yet, i finally got a response from the Munich Brewery (posted below).

      Hello James,
      let me supply you with some information for pouring out our keg-beer.
      It has got an content of CO2 about 5g/l.
      So you will get the best results at a storing and serving temperature at 6°C which comes up to 43°F.
      The right pressure on the keg depends on some facts of your equipment.
      I guess you do have a refrigerator with tap handle on top.
      Therefore a pressure of about 0,5 to 0,7 bar is enough, more would spoil the beer if you need more than 2 or 3 days for emptying the keg.
      If you need more time to empty the keg, a steady increasing of the pressure might be necessary, let me say 0,1 bar each day. However, a longer time than 1 week will cause unsolvable problems.
      If you do have a longer pipe or hose, for example out of a cellar, an undefined higher amount of pressure will be recommended.
      I hope this informations will help you, otherwise don't hesitate to contact me again.

      mit freundlichen Grüßen
      Leitung Technik
      i.V. Rolf Dummert
      Hofbräuallee 1, 81829 München
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        Sly Fox Brewing Company Rt. 113 IPA

        We have a standard of 2.5 -2.55 vol of co2 for all our draught.
        I think the 113 tastes great at about 44.


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          Originally posted by Nick406 View Post
          Sly Fox Brewing Company Rt. 113 IPA

          We have a standard of 2.5 -2.55 vol of co2 for all our draught.
          I think the 113 tastes great at about 44.
          Requires 16 PSIG @ 44F @ sea level. this includes one PSIG "push pressure". Six feet of 3/16" would be an excellant start. Cut back in four to six inch increments if faster flow speed is desired.
          Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute


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            The SweetWater brew master responsible for 420 told me via email it is 2.47


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              Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

              2.5 to 2.6 is the carbonation range..


              Andrew Tveekrem
              Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
              Oskar Blues Brewery Dale's Pale Ale

              Thanks for your inquiry. Our Dales Pale Ale is carbonated to 2.6 volumes for both the can and the kegs. Hope this info helps you keep as much of the nectar in the glass as you can, we really appreciate your business.


              Jim Weatherwax

              Plant Manager

              Oskar Blues Brewery
              Currently on tap: Another schweet 1/2 of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

              Fond Memories: 1/2 Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, 1/2 Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, 1/2 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, 1/2 Sierra Nevada Summerfest, 1/4 Yuengling (2), 1/6 Sam Adams Summer Ale, 1/6 Bud American Ale, 1/6 Shock Top, 1/6 Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale

              "To alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems" - Homer Simpson


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                Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer CO2 – Bottles 2.8 vol (5.5 g/L) CO2 – Kegs 2.5 vol (5.0 g/L)
                Boulevard Pale Ale CO2 - Bottles 2.7 vol. (5.3 g/L) CO2 – Kegs 2.5 vol. (5.0 g/L)

                EDIT: Verified by email from Boulavard Sales.
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                  Originally posted by kchawkeye02 View Post
                  Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer CO2 – Bottles 2.8 vol (5.5 g/L) CO2 – Kegs 2.5 vol (5.0 g/L)
                  Boulevard Pale Ale CO2 - Bottles 2.7 vol. (5.3 g/L) CO2 – Kegs 2.5 vol. (5.0 g/L)
                  Verified by? Email from brewery? Phone call from brewer? You work at the brewery. Etc.
                  Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute


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                    Columbus Brewing Company Pale Ale

                    Straight from Eric the brewmaster at CBC, Pale Ale is 2.55


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                      Does anybody know the Volumes of the following:
                      Shock Top
                      Sam Adams Boston Lager
                      Sam Adams Octoberfest
                      Sam Adams Winter Lager
                      Sam Adams Noble Pils
                      Sam Adams Summer Ale
                      Flying Dog Snake Dog

                      Thanks, Lee


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                        Shock Top is 2.7 v/v per ABInbev Draught Team. Actually, all AB domestic products are now at 2.7 v/v across the board. One of these days Boston Beer will reply to emails on volumes spec. No idea on the last beer. Email brewery.
                        Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute


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                          So now AB standard line-up is 2.7 v/v? They bumped it up from 2.6 v/v?


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                            Todd from the Boston Brewery called me back and told me that "most" of Sam Adams products are 6.2 - 6.7 v/v. I asked for Boston Lager and he said it is 6.7 v/v . FINALLY!!!!


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                              Are you sure he didn't say 2.2-2.7?