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1982 beverage air kegerator

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  • 1982 beverage air kegerator

    I have a 1982 beverage air kegerator that i just put a compressor in. I dont have any info about it because the name plate is gone so i dont know what model or anything beside it is r12 refrigerant.
    I am just wanting to know how much r12 to put back in. I have charge it right now to ambient + 30 degrees but im pretty sure that now correct since the compressor gets to hot and cuts off on over load. If anyone has any info about it that would help out a bunch. It looks just like the beverage air dd50 fridge but again i dont know the actual model

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    I have a DD50 with R134a and it states 7.5 ounces of freon on the faceplate.


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      Originally posted by BaySide1 View Post
      I have a DD50 with R134a and it states 7.5 ounces of freon on the faceplate.
      Thanks for the info but... Did you realize this thread is about 4 1/2 years old?
      Besides, R134a did not exist in 1982. An R12 unit would be very close to the 7.5 oz you mentioned, I would think it was closer to 8 maybe 9 oz.

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