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Bursting pressure

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  • Bursting pressure

    I am trying to figure out how many lines I can connect together while cleaning lines without running the chance of bursting the first line. I am using a circulating pump that will rise to 95psi and has a flow rate of 1.7 gpm. I usually will start at one coupler, use a jumper line at the tower, connect two couplers together with a flusher cleaning cup and another jumper hose and out the next coupler. As long as the system is open when I start the pump I will not burst any lines but I know I got to be careful to hook up my jumpers and flusher cup right so my series will be open. How can I figure out how many lines I can couple without compromising the pressure put on the first line as it will have the most pressure on it. Also if there are an odd number of lines I use a T-Splitter in a jumper hose to tie 3 lines together usually on the last lines back to the couplers.