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A VERY LONG overdue thanks to Scott Zuhse

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  • A VERY LONG overdue thanks to Scott Zuhse

    About 5 1/2 yrs ago I decided to build a 6 tap bar in my house (between our kitchen and family room). Obviously, this is overkill for a home bar, but it was something I just wanted to do. I had contacted MicroMatic for support and talked to Scott Zuhse. He took a special interest in my project and walked me through every step of the way, including exactly what parts to order. I think he did most of this on his own time. During one phone call, we were 90 minutes into the call and I heard his kids in the background. I asked him if this was a bad time and he explained it was fine. He explained he was on vacation in a hotel room, and his kids had just came back to the room (from the pool if I recall). I could not believe that someone would take that much time out of their vacation to help out a customer.

    The bar came out great, and we've been hosting parties for years. Everyone is always impressed with our home made bar. We used to buy a lot of import beers (including Guiness using nitrogen blend) for it, but lately have been buying mostly craft beers. Buffalo has a few excellent local breweries (Flying Bison, Big Ditch, Resurgence, etc). Micromatic equipment keeps it working perfectly, year after year.

    Scott, if you're ever in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, please stop in and drink as much beer as you want!