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  • New wood barrel help

    Hi everyone,

    I was recently gifted a second hand 5 litre barrel as I have wanted to age my own port for some time now. After filling it with water it only took a day or so to stop leaking, so I moved onto turning hot water in it. After doing this I noticed wax coming out and after a quick google search I realised it was a wax lined barrel, and useless to what I wanted it for. I was a bit disheartened but at very least I could use it for storing port.

    My concern now is that quite a bit of wax has come out and I'm worried that this may have compromised the barrel in some way and I'm worried that I have ruined the barrel.

    I have also noticed that when doing my cold water soaking the water comes out clear, but doing hot water rinses, water comes out slightly brown.

    ​​​​​​I'm not sure if this is normal, so I thought I would get the opinions from people more experienced.

    Thank you for reading my querie, any help would be greatly appreciated.