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Plastic bag conical beer fermenter?

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  • Plastic bag conical beer fermenter?

    I wondering if it is possible for a conical fermenter to be made out of a plastic bag material. Rapak makes plastic bag products that are from 2 to 200 liters in size and have spouts on the bottom for dispensing beer or wine. They even have a conical shaped 6-gallon bag. Another company makes a product called Beer in Box that has a plastic liner bag inserted into a box with a spout on the bottom that is an affordable alternative to a stainless steel keg.

    Any way, it seems to me that these companies could design an affordable plastic liner conical shaped fermenter bag that could be inserted into a hallow container. The product would have an air tight removable cap on the top, as well as a place to put in a water sealed gas relief valve, and two spouts on the bottom.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Why not just use the plastic container as your fermenter? That's what I use. A 6 gallon plastic bucket with a spiggot 2-3 inches from the bottom. What purpose would inserting a plastic bag into the container serve?

    Once the bag was filled with beer, how would you get the beer out of the bag? I would think a fermenting bucket with a spiggot would be much more practical.
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      Conical fermenters are too expensive!

      Every body would like to have an affordable conical fermenter but they are too expensive. Sure, the stainless steel is nice, but the lowest price I can find is $240 on ebay.

      The conical fermenter permits you to save aome of the yeast to ferment your next batch.