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  • make-shift jockey box

    This may seem like an odd question. However, it is one that must be asked...

    As a college student, I am always looking for a new way to store alcohol in my dorm in a way that is more... descrete. I was looking into converting a dorm-size mini fridge into a kegerator for a 1/4 keg but the fridge that I already own is too small (as are most others) to fit any type of keg. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me whether or not it would be possible to use a cooling coil or a cold plate cooler through the small fridge that I own to make a sort of jockey box-kegerator combonation.

    Or, if I can find a fridge that is perhaps wide enough but not deep enough for a 1/4 keg, is it allright to store the keg on its side in the fridge?


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    first off, coils or a cold plate in a small fridge imo wouldnt get cold enough, how do you plan on cooling the keg? it will go flat real quick if you dont ice it down or use some sort of refrigeration. never store a keg on it's side, a tube extends from the top to the bottom to draw the beer out and you would have more problems.

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